Wednesday, 15 May 2013

In My Garden

My friend Verna, who is an avid gardener, was complaining that her knees give her gip in the winter.  With Autumn nearly over, I thought I could remedy that LOL.

So, while on the Retreat I began a quilt for her, which I am planning to call "In My Garden".  I had asked her what her favourite colours were, and her answer was blue, and yellow, and pink, and red, but not all together.  Ha!  I thought.  That is what you think! 

A couple of weeks before the Retreat, I was going through some old magazines, and found a cute pattern titled "Tuscan Sun" by Karyn Herbert from In Stitches in a magazine titled "Stunning Applique Quilts" put out by Express Publications.  No date or volume number on the issue, but it is not a new one.  I went through my stash to find all the cheerful blue & yellow floral prints with a few leafy green ones as well, and teamed that with some kitty feature fabrics, as Verna loves her animals too.  I would have liked to add some puppy prints as well, but I didn't have any, and this is one quilt I am determined will be made from stash fabrics only.  The background is a pretty cream tone on tone print with tiny sprigs of flowers.  

I managed to piece most of it at the Retreat, and on coming home did the last couple of rows. Here it is with one side of the border on it.

And one with more detail

Each of the corners has masses of flowers appliqued and there are a few birds and butterflies scattered around.  This is where the reds and pinks are.  I am planning to buy a few bee buttons to put on this once its quilted, but that is a long way off.

I am only fixing the applique on one corner at a time with Vliesofix, as I found that the pieces were lifting.  So each night for the last few nights I have been doing the applique in front of the TV, and I have almost completed one corner.  I had forgotten how much I love doing applique!  That's good actually, as there is a lot on this quilt to do before its finished.

It is almost officially Winter - only 2 weeks to go.  We have had the most beautiful weather.  Lovely sunny days, with the temperatures in the low 20s, and cool nights.  I just love this time of the year.  The air is very crisp with no haze (except when they are doing hazard reduction burns) and it is lovely to wander around outside, which I did.  And look at what I found........
The first Jonquils.  I have singles, doubles, white and yellow Jonquils, and Daffodils, Iris and Hyacinths too.

We had a glorious display of bulbs last year, but I am not sure we will have as many this year, as they don't seem to have come up as prolifically.  I don't lift the bulbs, unless I want to move them to a different location.  It seems too much like hard work, and they don't seem to mind. 
Tibby came out to stalk the enemies in the jungle and keep me company while I poked around and took photos, and that was when I found the first blooms on the Daphne.  It has the most glorious heady scent.  Looks like that thrives on neglect as well.  LOL.  Daphne is supposedly terribly difficult to grow successfully, but it seems to like it here.

And the first of the Azaleas......

We have a lot of azaleas, in different parts of the garden.  I am not sure whether this happens to all Azalea shrubs everywhere, or whether this is location specific, or whether they are in need of something, but my shrubs generally bloom prolifically, then the flowers seem to brown off very quickly, and the shrub looks bedraggled.  

We also have a lot of Camellias of diffirent sorts.  This one has just started to bloom.  It always has hundreds of blooms on the shrub, great big blousy white blooms, that are so heavy that they can't keep their heads up.  You can see the number of bulbs waiting to come out in the photo.  Some people have said to me that I should remove some of the bulbs so that the other blooms get a better chance, but I hate doing that. 

Now the sun is well on its way down and it will soon get quite cold very quickly.  Time to go keep my machine company.

Til next time.......Keep on stitching

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