Friday, 24 May 2013

A Little Bit of Progess on Lots and Lots of Things

I haven't done much sewing this week.  Life has just got in the way, and the first time I really got to sit in front of the machine all week was yesterday afternoon, followed by my Friday Quilters morning today. 

So here is what I have been up to:

Last Friday, Jan-Maree from Aussie Heroes asked the blogging world to come up with a blue star made to the April BOM design - one per person, to be made up for a special lady.  Being me, and having all the time in the world (Hahahahaha), I put my hand up, and squeezed in 2 which I made over the weekend in between dashing here and there and everywhere.  Actually we went to a 2-day Bridge coaching/play event, and came home exhausted at 11.30pm both days. 

Here are my blocks.  Only one requested, but hey! If you are making one, you might as well make two:

They were posted off on Monday, and I know that they have been received because Jan-Maree put them up on the AHQ blog the other day.  Looks like there has been a good response, and she should easily get the 15 blocks required for a quilt.
So yesterday afternoon I got a chance to sit and sew.  Should really have been doing some bookwork which is waaayyy behind.  I have a long sad story about that, but not for today.  Anyway, I got on with a bit of Carl's quilt (I blogged about that here).  After much indecision, I ended up deciding on a border of HSTs, which, when put side by side in two rows make up a pinwheel.  So I now have all the HSTs I need for the borders all around, and the top and bottom and one row on one side are done.  The second row is missing form the pic because its laid out on my machine pinned and ready to sew. 

But I must have been on drugs (giggle) when I designed this, because no way was the quilt as it stood, the right width for a row of HSTs along top and bottom.  The sides fitted, but not the ends.  So I decided to just put a strip of the blue fabric I have used as setting triangles in to make the border fit.  I toyed with the idea of making tiny pinwheels but the strip I needed was 3" x 10" and my mind went into boggle mode thinking about how I could make anything to fit that shape.  So blue strips it was.  It doesn't look too awful, or so I keep telling myself.
Then I fixed a quilt which came into Stitching Hearts.  It had been quilted by a novice quilter and the tension was bad in several places.  I had to unpick some of the quilting and redo it.  No piccy here as it was not my work, but needed to be done nevertheless.  Looks much better now, and won't unravel at the first sign of the washing machine.
Next I attacked another quilt which was a donation to Stitching Hearts, but when it came in, it was too narrow and much too long for a lap quilt, but not long enough for a single.  It had no borders, so it looked unfinished somehow.  So I sandwiched a pieced scrappy border beween two narrow green homespun borders, and I think it looks great. 


Corner detail
Apart from the fact that I think it looks good, I am delighted to have used that scrappy border.  I had it tucked away in my UFO bag.  It was originally made goodness knows how long ago at 4" wide, so I cut it in half lengthwise to make a 2" border.  I didn't notice until this morning that some of the fabrics in the scrappy border were repeats of those in the quilt.  How good is that!  The green of the homespun picks up the green in some of the appliqued stars too.
I finished two of the green homespun borders this morning at Friday Quilters, and then moved on to another UFO.  This is a pile of HSTs which I blogged about a while ago here.
Being a leader/ender project, they have been finished for a while and have been sitting there all nicely trimmed and waiting to have something done with them.  I used the last hour at Friday Quilters this morning to make up 3 more blocks.  Love them!
I have some lovely tan floral fabric given to me by Di, to use as sashings on these, but I'll have to make up a heap more blocks before I can embark on sashing.
In the back ground, I have been sewing at night in front of the TV.  "In my Garden" is progressing nicely.  I have one complete corner appliqued....   

I have found that working on the border when it is on the rest of the quilt is making the edges fray.  So I have decided that I will do as much of the applique as I can before sewing the borders on.  So below is the corner opposite the one above ready to be sewn, and I have one more half corner complete. 

I am just loving doing the applique and am really pleased with the effect.  The original pattern has two borders next - a narrow one followed by a wider one.  Having just worked on the Round Robin, I am inclined to piece a border.  Perhaps a piano key border in the same colours as the body of the quilt, between two narrow borders is the way I'll go.  In any case, I don't feel like plonking a plain border fabric on this.

So all in all, despite a really busy week, and a feeling of not having done much, blogging this has made me realise that this is absolutely not true, and I have actually accomplished quite a lot this week.  Less frantic week next week - watch out you guys!  Some heavy sewing coming up LOL.

Tomorrow the Central Coast Handweavers, Spinners & Textile Arts Guild is organising an event for Australia's Biggest Morning Tea at the Lions Hall in East Gosford.  I'm planning to take my eldest grand daughter, Holly along to that after her Netball game.

Til next time..........Keep on stitching

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