Monday, 15 April 2013

Tearing my hair out

I have begun the border for the last round of the Round Robin.  Yesterday, after much hesitation, and muttering, I decided to do the border using the Spin Out block.  I found the tute on Quilt Dad's blog.  It was either that, or the Friendship Star block & in the end, Spin Out won.

Doing the maths, I realised I would need a spacer border between my pieced blocks and the body of the quilt.  After much rummaging through my stash, I decided that nothing "went", so off to Hobbysew to buy some fabric.  Isn't amazing that no matter how much fabric you have, there is never just the right one for the current project?

Thankfully the local Hobbysew is open on Sunday afternoons, so I dashed in towards closing time.  I needed more of the background fabric anyway, so I guess it wasn't a wasted trip.  The girl whose quilt centre I have now is definitely a Civil War reproduction fabric girl, and the previous borders have resulted in quite a bright quilt, despite the rich colours used.  I ended up with some Moda Arlington 1840-1870 from the Civil War Reunion range by Barbara Brackman.  Its a tan, with sprigs of red & brown flowers which should be a good transition to my border, in which I am using mostly Civil War fabrics.

After getting home yesterday, I started to pull fabrics for the blocks and cut some of the background fabric.  I just found it so hard!  The real Civil War fabrics were so dull by comparison to the fabrics already in the quilt.  I kept throwing more and more stuff in, and then Tibby got into the act, arranging herself artistically amongst the fabrics.  I  gave up in the end and decided to leave it until today.

So today I began the piecing, and realised straight up that the block won't work "scrappy", and also looks better with low contrast fabrics.  It is a slow old process - choose two fabrics, then cut enough for a block or two, then piece them.  I am happy with the ones I have pieced though.  Here is a peek at one - can't show you the rest until the Big Reveal happens next month.

After a week or so of lovely balmy weather, we have had a thunderstorm this evening with a heavy downpour.  Predictions of showers for a whole week.  Oh well, can't complain as it really has been lovely for quite a while.

Til next time....... Keep on stitching.

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