Thursday, 4 April 2013

Struggling with Borders

I am struggling with the border I am putting on to the Round Robin my sewing group is doing at the moment.  Am I putting off going to my machine to keep piecing??  Of course I am not, this is a terribly important function I am performing right now (grin).

I decided to do a Migrating Geese pattern for this border, which looks wonderful, but it is taking me a month & a day to construct, let alone all the cutting involved.  So far I have pieced 3 sides.  I am planning to put plain corner squares in the each of the four corners, mostly because I couldn't work out how to turn those pesky corners!  I am not sure whether I will simply use some of the fabrics in the quilt itself, or add in a new fabric altogether.  It is currently on the floor, my design wall, with various bits of fabric folded into the corners while I decide.

I can't show pictures as I know that at least one person from my group comes by every so often, so until the day of the Big Reveal, I can't put up the photos I have taken along the way.  Perhaps a series of posts on the Round Robin is on the cards in May once we have given the RR back to its owner.

On another note, I received a wonderful letter today from my Aussie Hero who received the quilt "Adventures in Black & Yellow" which I posted off in February.  He has included a photo of himself with the quilt.  It is so special to see the face of the person for whom you have made a quilt!  There is a great big tank behind him, so the splash of colour looks good.  He has been in the Australian Army for 6 years.  Prior to that he was in the Staffordshire Regiment, whose colours are black & yellow, so that is why he asked for those colours.

I went down to Jan-Maree's (co-ordinator of Aussie Heros) yesterday.  The weather was apalling!  Torrential rain, and visibility was poor.  Quite scary driving the F3 in those conditions, so I made my way down in a fairly sedate fashion compared to my usual blat down the freeway.  There were only a couple of us there, but we still managed to churn out a fair bit of piecing.  JM had us piecing backings to start with, then in the afternoon, we pieced blocks.

Well, I can't procrustinate any longer.  Geese: Watch out, here I come!

Until next time, keep stitching......

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