Friday, 19 April 2013

Central Coast Charity Quilt Show 2013

On Saturday Di, Elaine & I wandered off to the Charity Quilt show which was held at Wyong Racecourse.  The charity this year was Cancer Care Services for Gosford & Wyong Hospitals.  It was a first for me as it has always fallen on a date I couldn't make previously.  So pleased that I made it this time, as I loved it!  It was a pretty location, and a glorious day, with nice mid 20s temps and the sun smiling.
There were a couple of tables of crafty stuff out front, before you entered.  Mostly recycled, some toys, and some beautiful silk scarves.  I picked up the cutest poncho for Miss 7's doll for $3.  There were other dolls clothes on display as well, but the poncho was the one that took my fancy.
Once inside there was an area for traders, with quite a variety of quilty stuff, notions, a bit of fabric & even a table with hand made chocolates.  I was strong and walked right past those LOL.  The traders were all local shops, so sadly not a lot there.  Blueberries is in Wyong, and probably our best local shop, although it is quite a trek for me.  I added to my collection of Civil War fabrics from their stall.  Must get a move on and start this quilt I have been collecting fabric for, for so long.  Frankensteins Fabrics is at West Gosford, and that is very much closer to me.  They have a huge range of modern brights.  I didn't see Janelle from Pieces to Treasure which is at MacMasters Beach, or Carol from Cherrypie Designs from Somersby.  Shame as that would have really increased the variety on the traders tables.
Upstairs there were about 100 quilts hung.  A huge variety of styles and colours.  If I were being mean, I would say that the quilts were all hung too close together to be able to view them properly, but that is not the fault of the quilts themselves.  Perhaps the organisers of future events need to think of a larger venue.  It was not a judged show, although there was a "viewers choice" category.
I took a few photos of the quilts which appealed to me most - here are some of them.

This quilt was absolutely stunning!  So simple, as it is just half square triangles, but doesn't the placement look fantastic.  Loved the vibrant reds and whites and the quilting was beautiful.  So suited to the design.

Here the photograph does not do the colours justice.  The quilt was hung hard up against a window, and you can see that on the left of the photo, so the colours all down that side are washed out.  This was a traditional hexagon medallion, hand pieced and hand quilted.  The hexies were tiny 1" ones.  Loved the colours and layout.

This was another hand pieced, hand quilted diamonds & hexagon medallion.  Can you see the quilting in the centre?  Parallel lines at right angles, about an inch apart.  I took a close up of one of the border stars below.
This was just fabulous quilting with the feathers radiating from the stars.  The fabric on each diamond was carefully fussy cut, so there were secondary designs on all of the stars.

You can't tell that I love the hand pieced traditional quilts in soft colours can you?

I should really have taken a photo of the quilt lable so that I could note the name of the quilt & the quilter.  That's something to remember for next time.

We bumped into Jan & friend in several places.  That is the nice thing about living in a small town - you bump into people you know everywhere.  Thank goodness I'm not having an affair.

After doing the rounds of the quilts we collapsed in the cafeteria for a bit of lunch.  Lovely day.  Thanks Di & Elaine for a great day.

Til next time.....keep on stitching

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