Saturday, 27 April 2013

Another book read

Pictures of Us
by Todd Alexander

Publisher's link. The publisher's blurb reads:

"Maggie Apperton's family appears functional enough. She has two grown-up children who she has fairly regular contact with and her husband Marcus has built up a successful business. When Marcus dies unexpectedly, Maggie attempts to forge a stronger bond with her children, who, she begins to realise, she barely knows. Pictures of Us is an intriguing exploration of the darker side of family life, what happens when long-guarded secrets begin to surface, the bond between parents and children, and how love and trust are sometimes stretched to the limit."

Can't say I was enthralled with this one. Story line is of a family which is so disfunctional that I found it somewhat unbelievable.

Perhaps I've been dead lucky in growing up in a loving family, and having a wonderful family of my own. Perhaps there are people who live in families where there is so little love & trust & deception is the basis of the relationship.  I found it quite sad.  On the other hand, I was fascinated to see what did actually happen so I read it to the end, and I must say I didn't see the end coming.

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