Sunday, 7 April 2013

A Productive Day

I had such a busy day yesterday! 

To start with I am no longer struggling!   I finished off the border on the Round Robin.  Yeehaa!  It has been a time consuming construction, but I just love the end result.  Here is a tiny bit of it in my machine.  Can't show you the rest because of peepers.  Even this bit is probably too much.  LOL

I just love the yellow in this.  I have only been using yellow for a short time, and now I wonder why I haven't used it more in the past.  [Note to self - buy some more yellow fabrics] After putting this border on to the quilt top, I framed it all with a 1" purple border.  So pleased with the result.
Having finished that, I decided that my workroom needed a cleanout.  It does get a regular once over with the vacuum cleaner, but I thought it needed more than that.  Our vacuum cleaner has bitten the dust, so I had to borrow my daughter's, and with the help of the lovely David, we shifted all the furniture, got in behind everything, the floors of the cupboards & the tops of the bookshelves.  Then I emptied all the drawers of my sewing cabinet and vacuumed in there, and sorted and replaced everything.  My cabinet has open drawers on the side, and as it stays open all the time, the drawers get filthy with fluff 'n stuff.  Also got out a damp cloth and wiped over heaps of the surfaces.  Didn't get to dust the bookshelves though.  That will have to wait for another day.
I had decided some time ago that my stash cupboard needed reorganising.  I had lots of green shopping bags with stuff like UFOs, Patterns etc. in them.  I had them stacked in the centre shelves.  The smaller pieces of fabric were in big tubs on the floor of the cupboard.  Well that is daft, as the things that get used most are the small pieces of fabric, and the precut strips & squares, and they were on the floor in heavy tubs.  So yesterday I took everything out of one side of the cupboard, and restacked everything.  The lesser used stuff is on either the highest shelf or on the floor, and the frequently used stuff is stacked neatly on the middle, more accessible shelves.  Still a bit disorganised on that side, but I'm getting there.  I still have to do the other side too.  When both sides are done, I will be able to take some of the stuff off the floor & all the surfaces too.
Then I decided to put a border onto a charity quilt which had been made a bit small.  I put on a 1" framing border in mid blue homespun and a 3.5" floral border in a pretty blue.  I love how this has turned out.  Didn't Jan do a great job of the centre? 

So that was my day yesterday.  I was totally pooped last night.  Flopped down in front of the TV with my hexies.
'Til next time........ Keep on stitching.

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