Sunday, 3 February 2013

Adventures with Black & Yellow Part 1

A couple of weeks ago Jan-Maree asked me to do a black and yellow quilt to fill one of the requests she has had for Aussie Heroes.  I remembered sorting a bunch of black and white fabrics and putting them all together into one bag, so I happily agreed to do one.  Getting home I looked for this bag, and of course could not find it.  I am still at a bit of a loss as to what has happened to it, but as  I have had a couple of people coming by and raiding my charity stash, perhaps that was one of the things taken.  Who knows.

So the next time I went to Stitching Hearts, I raided the cupboard for some fabrics, and with what I had at home, I managed to put together a reasonable pile.  There is also a fat quarter of black fabric in this pile on the right, with old fashioned cars printed on it, which I think is just so cool.  I bought that at Craft Depot. 

Here are the fabrics I have chosen laid out on the sewing table:

By this time, my mind had been working overtime on what I would do for a design.  As its for Aussie Heroes it needs to masculine, fairly simple, and a bit of a strange size.  It needs to fit an Army cot and be long enough for a tall fella.

I decided to do three rows of fabric, slashed at irregular angles and directions, at irregular intervals.  There are various yellow fabrics inserted in the slashes.  Between each of these three rows there is a row of black and yellow 4 patch blocks.

Here is the first pair of rows sewn together:

And the detail.  You can see the 4 patches have a plain yellow and white gingham block separating each block and there is a 1 inch strip of plain yellow on either side of the 4 patch row.

This particular piece of black & white has a Celtic knot design printed on it.  I didn't have enough of this fabric to have 3 strips the length I wanted, so the middle one is going to be a bit different.

The tricky bit was the slashing to insert the strips.  For some reason the photo has upload sideways, and I can't rotate it.  I tried to rotate it on my computer and then upload, but that didn't work either.

 After inserting the yellow strip, you need to trim it down to size to match the row edges, making sure that you keep the width of the row itself true.  The photo above shows a piece I have inserted on the left waiting to be trimmed, and the piece on the right is ready to sew.

I had originally intended to stack the three strips on the board and slash them through concurrently, but then I thought better of it, and did them individually.  I am glad I did, as its not as easy as it sounds - you need to offset the strips in the same way as you do triangles, and also the bias edge on the black fabric is stretchy, so you need to take care. I had to unpick more than one seam!

Til next time, ........ Keep on stitching

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