Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Adventures with Black & Yellow Part 2

Well more time has passed than I would have liked to have done, but I am finally at the stage of pin basting my black & yellow quilt.  So many things have got in the way of sewing lately, I have begun to wonder if my machine will know me when I sit down to it to do the quilting on this project. 

One thing that happened was that I was summonsed to be on a jury panel last week.  I turned up as there is a hefty fine if you don't, but it was a horrid case, and I am just so grateful that I was not selected on the panel.  Even though I lost a day fiddling around with that, I don't care.  I wasn't selected, and that is what counts.

I am very pleased with how the quilt has turned out.  It is always a bit stressful when the idea is there, and the planning happens, then you begin to sew, and it is only when you are so far through the sewing stage that it is not worth turning back that you can tell what it will look like.

Here it is on the floor pinned & ready to quilt:

and the detail on one of the corners

Its to be an Aussie Hero quilt, and the chap did ask for black & yellow, so I do hope that he likes it.  I do.  What do you think?

I don't quite know what went wrong, but my measurements must have been out.  Both the batting and the backing were not long enough for the length of the quilt, although they should have been.  So it was a bit of a squeeze to get the quilt to fit.  Never mind, I have it pinned.

Til next time ........ Keep on stitching

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