Thursday, 17 January 2013

Stitching Hearts Day

I have been very slack with blogging, as there have been too many other distractions.

Today was huge.  Jan and I were off to Stitching Hearts, our charity sewing group.  We meet in Cabarita, and that is well over an hours drive from here, more like 1.5 hours.  Still with school holidays on, and many people still not back to work, the trip was OK.  Although it was a terribly hot day, and even with air con going it wasn't all that comfortable to be in the car.

We had a challenge before Christmas. Jackie produced little packets of fabric for everyone, and we had several weeks over Christmas to produce some blocks using these fabrics.  Well some of these came in today, and we had heaps of fun putting them all together and arranging into a quilt top.  There were enough blocks there to sew into 2 separate tops.  Woohoo!  Maria sat at the machine & did some of the piecing.  Great stuff Maria.

The other thing we did today was a stock take of the quilts we had in the cupboard.  There were 39!  Some are going to Kathleen York House which is a centre for women who are recovering from substance abuse.  There is a pile to go to the local Meals on Wheels organisation.  It is awesome to actually see them all laid out on the floor.

Next time we meet we are planning a sewing bee to get some more quilts pieced.  I spent most of the day cutting fabrics, sorting into piles & kitting them up so that next time we can just sit and sew.  I brought some fabric home with me and intend to put together some more over the next couple of weeks.
Sunday is my birthday - too many years to contemplate, but I give thanks to the Lord for each day I have in this lifetime.  Looking forward to some family time.

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