Thursday, 24 January 2013

Making cards this time

I have had little time to sew this last couple of days :-(  But I did manage to spend some time on Tuesday night with a few other ladies at a Catalogue Launch for Stampin Up.

My daughter has been doing scrapbooking since forever, and is a keen photographer.  Her scrapbook pages are gorgeous - very inventive and have lots of lovely decorative stuff on them.  I have resisted getting into scrapbooking for ages as I already have one expensive hobby! 

However, when I first moved to the Central Coast, I was asked to a Stampin Up card stack night, (where you make 6 cards in 3 different designs) and not being on the social scene here at that point, I decided to go.  Well the resistance has crumbled and I have a stock of stamping products.  I don't go often any more, so Tuesday was something special.

We made three little designs, all quite cute.  Looks like Kath will be hosting in a few weeks time, so I will probably go, depending on the day.

There they all are.  The one right in the front is so cute - its a little pocket into which you can slip something secret.  It is made with the Big Shot Die Maker, and in this case, it has a couple of lollipops in it.  Not so secret LOL.
My personal favourite is the card at the back on the left.  Three cute little cut outs from gorgeous paper, and with a smaller one over the top, stamped with a tiny stamp.  Love the colours too.

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