Monday, 21 January 2013

Aussie Hero Sewing Bee

Another inspirational day at the sewing bee for Aussi Hero Quilt.  If you don't know about them you can read about what they do here.  There were 5 of us plus Jan-Maree, the co-ordinator.

So we pieced backings, pinned quilts, and trimmed the blocks that people have sent in as part of the Block of the Month.  And gossiped and ate lunch, and gossiped some more, then went back and did it all again!  So much gets done in such a short time when you get a group together like that.

Jan-Maree told us stories of the service men & women she has gleaned from emails which go back and forth, and read out some thank yous from the troops.  Just so much makes me want to do some more!

Yesterday afternoon, DH took me to see Skyfall (at last!) at El Paradiso in Ettalong and then to La Fiamma for dinner.  What an amazing place.  It is all art deco and Italianate decor which sounds awful, but works very well.  There is a motel, cinema complex and quirky little alleyways and courtyards, which would be lovely on a warm summer evening.  Sadly it was quite cool and drizzly.  Not that I am complaining after the heat of the last week.

Gotta choof off and do a bit of sewing.

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